travel, inspiration and all the cool stuff in–between.


Hi and welcome to “just around the corner”.

My name is Bevan. I’m a Graphic Designer, Writer, Artist and Photographer with a love of Travel, Adventure, Street Art, Murals, Street Food and Pop Culture, hailing from Sydney Australia.

The journey of my life up until now has taken two separate and very different courses, the first, my younger years, were spent in the hospitality industry. Originally from Brisbane, I trained as a Chef but have also been a Barista, a Cafe and Restaurant Manager, I’ve Worked Functions in largest of Hotels and I have washed dishes in the smallest of cafes.

12 years ago, I met Athena, and suddenly my life changed course. I gave up the Hospitality industry and started studying my other passions, Art, Photography and Design. Athena and I also discovered our love of travel and adventure, visiting many major cities in Australia and recently Asia. When we are not travelling abroad or interstate, we are spending time at our seaside holiday shack south of Sydney and exploring the surrounding areas of 7mile Beach, Berry, Gerroa and all the Illawarra area has to offer.

We don’t fit neatly into any box when we travel, I don’t mind roughing it and living out of my backpack and wearing the same clothes for long periods at a time, where Athena likes a little bit more luxury, not over the top mind you we still travel on a budget but no camping or hostels, well not for Athena anyway.

Two years ago My Brother In-Law and I started An Alternative surf culture magazine called “Foam Symmetry” where I am the creative director, some times photographer and part time writer. We do this in our spare time as we both hold down full time day jobs. Since its conception Foam Symmetry has given me a lot, I have met some great people, been to some fantastic places and learnt so much along the way. One of the things I’ve learnt is I really like telling stories, helping people and just generally sharing with others.

At the Beginning of this year (2013) we went on a four week trip to Thailand and South East Asia, we fell in love with the people and experiences we had on that trip and the travel bug bit us harder than ever before, but there was not enough time to see and experience all we wanted so now we ask each other  “where are we going to next?”

With at least 3 trips already in the pipeline for the coming year, travel is becoming a major part of our lives. During that trip, I was writing a travel journal, reflecting on things I had seen and learned, taking photo’s, and adding to my recently created Bucket list, the idea of starting a blog hit me, I had read a lot of blogs while preparing for this trip, and I thought what a great way to record all my thoughts, writing, idea’s, photos etc and share with people at the same time.

The idea of just around the corner was born. A place to share our stories, inspiration, photos, and video’s, planning our trips, travel tips, and all the cool stuff in-between. Wether you’re a full time traveller or travel whenever you can like us, there just might be something for you here.

Why “just around the corner”, well Athena came up with the name, you know that feeling of anticipation you get when travelling, knowing the next adventure, that next cool location, the next great meal, the next great item, that great travel photo and all the great people you are going to meet, they are all JUST AROUND THE CORNER…We hope to see you there.

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